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Business Loyalty Vision

Improve loyalty and retention through unmatched support and personalized offers.

The customer's ecosystem vision brings all the key data points in the diagram below into a single application.

Customer Business Goal

Become a Top 3 Pet Insurance provider by 2025 by providing a holistic Pet Ecosystem for all of pet owners’ needs.


CEO Co-Innovations: Satya (Microsoft CEO) meets with a customer CEO for one day to discuss innovation and partnership opportunities between the two companies.

This customer's identity and context has been removed from this project for NDA. All views expressed here are my own. 

For a spring CEO Co-Innovation, a customer came to Microsoft looking to envision their business goals for a holistic pet ecosystem through a presentation and mobile app prototype.


“This was a very good session. Very good use cases. Will be good to get them going with their team….”

- Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

I had the opportunity to lead this mobile app design in the customer's vision. It became the highlight of our presentation and of the CEO Co-Innovation day as a whole because it so accurately represented the customer's goals and spoke to pet parents’ real problems.

There’s a lot to worry about as a Pet Parent. The Pet Ecosystem brings everything to one place, from insurance, to veterinary care, to shopping. Plus, proactively recommends goods and services to the pet parent to make their lives a little easier.

Solution Summary -Pet Ecosystem


A one-stop-shop application for pet owners to access every pet need.

I led the visual, UX design, and prototype for this application.


8 Weeks, Spring 2020


1 PM, 1 Developer, 2 Designers

+ Storytelling

+ Visual Design


Pet Ecosystem

The Objective

Our goal was to highlight how Microsoft could help our customer achieve this ambitious goal through data-centric insights. We aimed to create a strong foundational relationship between the two companies with assets that could drive all future conversations.

My Role

I led the Visual and Experience design for a mobile prototype and collaborated with a senior designer to develop the overarching story and presentation.

Additionally, I worked with a lead PM and a developer to validate feasibility and messaging. I also got the opportunity to iterate directly with the customer to ensure we were accurately representing their vision and story.

Drafting a Journey

By designing the above diagram with the customer we were able to deeply understand their expectations for this pet ecosystem. My fellow designer and I began drafting the story we heard from our conversations with the customer.

I created this journey map to clarify where we would be exemplifying their business goals and even further what the end customer - the human using this application - would feel in each moment. Understanding the value of each beat helped us to align quickly on a script as well as trim excess information from our story. It also enabled me to begin wireframing the application.

Journey map outline business value and customer feeling

Alignment through Wireframes

I spent longer than usual on the wireframing stage to align with the customer on the flow and data they were expecting to surface. By remaining on wireframes for a little longer, we were able to iterate all of the major changes before arriving at the final visual design. 

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